Company Profile

PT. Jaly Indonesia Utama is a company engaged in the field of safety equipment, especially safety shoes.

PT. Jaly Indonesia Utama established by notaries JE. Maogimon number 99, December 13th 1979, based in Cibinong - Bogor (West Java). In marketing the product, PT. Jaly Indonesia Utama used the brand 'Kent', apply and develop quality management system ISO 9001:2008 version and Indonesian National Standards (SNI 7079:2009 & SNI 0111:2009).

The company was founded as the embodiment of the ideals to continue and develop the knowledge and experience particularly in the field of safety shoes.

Has obtained ISO 9001: 2008 Indonesian National Standard :

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The background of the establishment of PT. Jaly Indonesia Utama, are:

  1. To participate and improve the people's economy, with employment in the manufacture and development of safety shoes.
  2. To Participate actively in the effort to make aware people/consumers about the importance of occupational safety and health.
  3. To socialize the benefits of safety shoes that meet standards to public/customers.
SNI Kentech K3 JPA EN ANSI SNI Award